Sitemap - 2021 - The Scrum

"Our man of many messes."

"Assange, prisoner of liars."

"NATO's Waterloo."

"NATO's Waterloo."

"Russiagate: An obit."

"'If you remember, you're alive.'"

"A post-imperial language."

"'Crisis of the mind.'"

"Where have all the workers gone?"

"Assange the 'Russian asset.'"

"Courage beyond doubt."

"The 'sacred outcast.'"

"'The experiment of total domination.'"

"Assange behind glass."

"A note to readers."

"The war for our minds (con'd)."

"Weak minds."

"The force of historical decline."

"'Government without newspapers.'"

"Economic war crimes."

"Our China 'diplomacy.'"

"Here we go again."

"A dreadful mess.”

"The age of Euro–American ascendancy is past.”

"The hardliners return."

"Inflation and its perils."

"The tragedy of no tragedy."

“With God on his side.”

“And now?”

"A post–American order."

“China manufactures things and social cohesion."

“Pacific dénouements.”

"Ice cream is power."

“The long fight simply to know.”

“The lethality of algorithms.”

"Saints and sinners."

"Don't you know there's a war on?"

“Sino–Russian amity, Ch. 2.”

“The divine right of nations.”

"The price of power."

“Crimean fantasies: A webcast.”

“Something happened in Geneva.”

“France’s ‘Generals Problem.’”

“Jobs and prices.”

"Flying blind."

“The Rrrrussians come again.”

“‘The Blob,’ anatomized.”

“The Iran question.” 

"Israel dehumanized."

"Our post-American era."

“The Russia question.”

"Abolish corporate taxes?!?"

“Isolationism revisited.”

"'A test for Biden.'"

“Washington's bias toward war.”

"More misery in Syria."

“Did somebody say ‘jobs plan?’”

“The Pentagon’s ‘honeypot’: A webcast.”


“Our cold, two-front war.”

"It can happen here."

“30 seconds over Syria.”

"Another dissident colonel."

“The China choice.”

"Biden in Europe."

“The Forgotten War.”

"Minimum wage mythologies."

“The great reset, part 2.”

“The great reset.”

“Sanctions and drift.”

“Capitol Offense.”

"Empire with a human face."

“Our health care mess: Now what?”

"Inauguration ruminations: A podcast."

“The Last Pragmatist.”

"On social media: A podcast."

"On social media: A podcast."

“Social media’s reckoning.”

“The Queen’s Gambit: a review.”

“Congress, tear down that nomination.”

"The Assange ruling."